How Can I get My Website to Generate More Leads?

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Written By Robert Dunford
I am a Marketing Consulting in the Great Toronto Area with over 25 years experience in building and implementing marketing plans for small business.

How Can I get My Website to Generate More LeadsAny conversion strategy you can think of cannot happen if you don’t generate leads that it could convert. That’s one of the main goals of both sales and marketing – getting people interested in your product or service. However, that can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t have an SEO website optimized for that purpose. Why is getting more leads from your site so important?

A well-optimized website provides you with a myriad of ways to generate leads, depending on your industry and niche. Also, it’s one of the easiest ways to establish an online presence for your business. Let’s have a look at a few website strategies you should use to get more leads.

On Site Forms Are Your Best Friend

Don’t neglect the forms on your most important pages that get a lot of traffic. Those pages are your primary weapon in nurturing a visitor’s interest. More often than not, you’ll see websites focusing on everything they’ve got on content. While having great content on your SEO website is undoubtedly essential, you have to assume visitors will look at your home or About page as well if they are looking for additional information about you. Adding a form to every page will make it easier for visitors to reach out to you or show their interest, whether it’s a contact form or a form that facilitates signing up for an offer.

Lead Magnets Work Well with Landing Pages

Landing pages take capturing visitors’ interest to a more advanced level. Any product or service of yours could benefit from a targeted landing page carefully crafted to turn a visitor into a lead. This strategy can be even more effective if you’re offering a free resource as a lead magnet, for example, an e-book or a white paper. Landing pages are also great to link to, in your ads if you’re using any PPC platform. It is because they take the prospect straight to the action. They’re an essential part of website optimization when it comes to nurturing leads.

CTAs Are a Must

A CTA or a call to action is one of the simplest, yet most often underused conversion strategies. CTAs provide that nudge that you need to move prospects through your sales funnel and convert them into paying customers. A common place to include them is at the end of every piece of content, but that’s not the only option. You should add a CTA on every page header making your contact page one click away from anywhere on your website. “Try Now For Free” or “Subscribe For More Information” are a couple of good examples.

Generating leads through website optimization takes some planning and a right amount of digital marketing efforts, but it pays off. All you need is time (4-6 months) to get that website running on full steam. If you need results quicker, contact me. We can discuss strategy on the phone or get a coffee.

Rob Dunford is a Marketing Consulting in the Great Toronto Area with over 20 years of experience in building and implementing marketing plans for small business.

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