SEO for a New Business – Keys to Having Success

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Written By Robert Dunford
I am a Marketing Consulting in the Great Toronto Area with over 25 years experience in building and implementing marketing plans for small business.

Coming up with an SEO strategy for a new business is no walk in the park. For the business owner, it often marks the start of a long process that may or may not yield results, depending on how well they know SEO basics or if they have a professional at their side.

Discoverability is a huge obstacle for new businesses, as building a brand takes time and consistent marketing. What’s more, business owners often opt into trying out internet marketing services without having a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, which can lead to disappointment and a lack of results. To help you get started, here are some of the keys to having success when coming up with an SEO strategy for a new business:

Make Sure Your SEO Technicalities Are Set Up Properly

Not bothering to set up the technicalities of SEO properly from the outset is a mistake that may cost you SERP visibility. If the technical setup of your website isn’t working to bring you traffic, it will work against you, as Google does not look kindly upon websites that have some of these issues:

  • Duplicate title tags;
  • Lack of a well-implemented XML sitemap, robots.txt or .htaccess;
  • Content issues such as duplicate content or lack of original content;
  • URL issues that generate similar pages on different URLs;
  • Poor page removal or update processes that lead to having redundant links.

There are unfortunately many more similar details you need to think about, which is why it might be best to consult with a professional to ensure you’re not making an optimization mistake that will waste your time today and cost you down the road.

Know Your Goals

Once you know everything you need to know about the technical side of SEO, you need to ask yourself what your SEO goals are for your new business. The type of traffic you will aim to attract will depend on this. For example, you might need some highly targeted traffic, or strive to generate demand by creating content intended for a broader audience that will bring in more traffic.

Knowing what your goals are, will inform your future strategy and ensure you’re not wasting your time and resources trying to accomplish something your business doesn’t need.

Think of the Content You Can Produce

Researching content topics is part of the SEO basics, as you’ll need to ensure your content will drive the kind of traffic you want. You’ll have to generate a lot of ideas for various types of content, including lead magnets, videos, podcasts, blogs and guest posts. Constant production of relevant content which gets linked on other websites is what attracts Google’s attention. You should strive to come up with a content strategy that you can sustain long-term to stay relevant in the SERPs.

SEO is not a magic solution to every business owner’s internet marketing woes, as it takes time to see its results. However, when done correctly, SEO immediately starts yielding improved metrics.

If you wish to see the results of your efforts improve, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to discuss your marketing strategy and help in any way I can.

Rob Dunford is a Marketing Consultant in the Great Toronto Area with over 20 years of experience in implementing marketing plans for small businesses.

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