What Are Some Common Concerns about SEO as an Effective Marketing Choice?

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Written By Robert Dunford
I am a Marketing Consulting in the Great Toronto Area with over 25 years experience in building and implementing marketing plans for small business.

What-Are-Some-Common-Concerns-about-SEO-as-an-Effective-Marketing-ChoiceThe secrets of SEO may seem as though they are a science practiced only by the technically adept, but the truth is that there are many things business owners can do to help their search result rankings even with the most basic of technical skills. But is it worth it? It’s always a healthy choice to take a critical look at any business strategy before investing.

However, in the case of SEO, the verdict is in, and it’s something you should be doing for your business. Whether you have a small or a large business, SEO is a sound investment when implemented with the right strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions that may be holding some business owners back.

Are Other Means are More Efficient?

Sure, there are other strategies that have their place within any business’s marketing and sales strategy, but each channel for promoting your brand has its own function and purpose. Social media is great for branding and promoting, and PPC ads can drive a lot of traffic. But when it comes to being found when someone needs your products and services, ranking well in organic search results is a key factor.

When people have a question or problem, and they don’t know where to turn for help, they Google it. This means that as part of your SEO strategy, you should be providing relevant content that will be valuable to your audience. The purpose of Google’s latest algorithm changes is to favour valuable content and display the most relevant results first in SERPs. In other words, having an effective SEO strategy will put you closer to new customers.

Is the ROI of SEO Measurable?

Some business owners might be hesitant to invest in SEO because they are not sure if it will pay off for them. It’s true that measuring an exact ROI for SEO is difficult because it will depend on many factors. There are many Key Performance Indicators or KPIs that you can track to see how your SEO strategy is performing, and the exact measurement of your Return on Investment will be based on a combination of these different metrics.

All of that being said, your ROI is certainly measurable. With the right approach, you may begin to see results very quickly, but this may not translate into a dollar amount right away. Interpreting the data and making the necessary changes to your SEO strategy can be tricky. Thus, you may benefit from collaborating with a professional team that understands the nuances of SEO and what the metrics mean for your business.

Does SEO Take Too Long to See Results?

Remember that SEO is a long-game effort. It is a vital tool for maintaining the relevance of your business and avoiding being buried pages deep in search results. But SEO is fluid and constantly evolving, so you will have to make changes to your strategy every so often. This means that you (or the agency with whom you are working) will need to stay current on Google’s algorithm changes to continue to achieve optimal results.

If you don’t see any changes right away, that doesn’t mean that SEO won’t work for you. It simply means that it’s time to make some changes.   Be sure to make your changes carefully and systematically.   If you’re not seeing any new traffic and decide to change everything at once, you may not be able to tell which change made a difference.   Also, the chances are that your approach doesn’t need a complete overhaul in the first place.

SEO is not a magic bullet, and it can take months for you to develop a strong ranking with it. If you wish to start enjoying good results for your business faster, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to discuss your marketing strategy and help in any way I can.

Rob Dunford is a Marketing Consultant in the Greater Toronto Area with over 20 years of experience in implementing marketing plans for small businesses.

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