60 Day – 80 Hour SEO Starter Program

The perfect foundation for your website.

Getting lost sucks and it doesn’t matter if you’re in a city,  a corn maze or on a website, the ambiguity of not knowing where you are and how to find what you came for can make you break out in a cold sweat.   

As a marketer, structuring your website in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate way is crucial for retaining your audience’s attention. If you don’t, they’ll bounce in seconds. And if people leave your website because your user experience is messy, search engines won’t think highly of you, either.

The 60 Day – 80 hour SEO Starter Program:  The Perfect Foundation for Your Website

Whether you’re handling the SEO for your website internally or already working with an outside agency, Scott’s SEO’s 60-Day 80 Hour SEO Trial Program makes sure that you’re starting off right.

The 60-Day 80 Hour SEO Trial Program includes:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis Plus
  • Basic On Page SEO based on keyword research
  • We give you a list of the most important on-page recommendations and why they should be made
  • We implement these on-page recommendations on your website

And the full program gets delivered within 60 days, so you can start helping your business sooner.

Web Content Strategy

• Create or optimize current website blog
• Write and post two 400 word blog posts, containing keyword strategy
• Post two 150 word web 2.0 and microblogging on high authority websites
• Optimize and post 6 social snippets

Setup of Reporting Tools

• Google Search Console setup, so you can be notified by Google about recommendations for your website
• Google Analytics setup, so you can track the traffic and activity on your website

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